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Social Care Revisited

Over 30 RESEC trustees and guests attended an important Seminar in The House of Lords today hosted by Baroness Dr Ruth Henig and chaired by leading health care publisher Dr Richard Hawkins.

Those with provider, banking, third sector, operator, NHS and policy / academic interests came together to debate their views on the sectors future.

Led by Professors Bleddyn Davies and Guy Dally from Oxford and Coventry Universities – a lively debate ensued covering the viability and sustainability of the sectors highlighting the needs of the care home and domiciliary sectors through to integrated devolution of health and social care in Greater Manchester and Cornwall. The managed sector and how to recognise that demand will always outstrip demands.  Needs led / mutual models and employer led models and changing demographics all needed to be considered.

Tensions between regulators and local authorities commissioning and the lack of work force based training, attendees thought needed focus. Local bottom up solutions involving those accessing services was also discussed as was personal budget effectiveness. Accurate clear and monitor-able plans were needed as was targeted research to provide better evidence base planning.

Dr John Woolham of Kings College London added an additional focus on personal budgets and effective personal outcomes.

Financial models, examples from the USA and Europe as well as views from Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales were also covered.

RESEC Chair Simon Harrison announced  a special focus evening on English health and social care devolution in May in partnership with a major social care housing provider.

With attendees coming from across England from Cornwall to Newcastle and London to Leicester and including banks to single home operators and NHS senior leaders, the seminar in the Lords is the second of three to be hosted each year by RESEC.

House of Lords