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Report on the Resec Meeting held on June 12th at the House of Lords hosted by Baroness Henig

34 Trustees and guests present
Facilitators : Simon Harrison and Dr Richard Hawkins

Summary of conclusions:

  • Accountability for delivering the NHS England plan is being underlined – the additional £8bn from the Conservatives is a commitment but more uncertainty surrounds the savings achievable + reliability of some assumptions made in the plan. 7 day working is the subject of several cost estimates plus conjecture reachievability.
  • Integrated health and social care (commissioning + provision) has a very mixed track record. The Manchester experience will be closely watched.
  • Future for Commissioning organisations is attracting interest – are (some) CCGs too small? Can national commissioning outcomes be more widely applied? Will Health and Wellbeing Boards figure more strongly?
  • In social care, the “north / south divide” increases – not diminishes. Most commissioning is “person by person” – not by population by outcomes. Very little long term planning. Insufficient attention being paid to the potential of extra care housing.
  • The investor market in social care is changing (e.g. UK Reits, L and G, pension funds, mainstream banks finding life much more competitive)